About King’s Debates

King’s Debates is a space for constant, ongoing political discussion for audience members and speakers at King’s Politics events. We strive to promote free speech and engage the student body of Cambridge University in the great questions of the day. From war to discrimination and philosophy, no topic is out of bounds and we encourage controversial views to instigate debate.

King’s Politics is the largest college-affiliated politics and discussion society in Cambridge, regularly hosting large-scale events for free targeting the vibrant student body at the University. As such, we aim to reflect the diversity of opinion through the hosting of students and influential guest speakers in our discussions.

But the debate does not stop at the doors of our events. This is a space for anyone and everyone to contribute articles on current affairs and the topics of our events. If you’ve got a strong view about a certain topic and feel enthusiastic about expressing that, do get in touch by emailing us with your ideas for an article and you may be featured. Articles should be concise and to-the-point, but also thoughtful and engaging; they can be either generally about current affairs to begin a debate or in relation to our events. Don’t be put off if you think your view is unpopular – we are keen to provide a platform to healthy political discussion to challenge assumptions and prejudices and encourage you to put forward your original thoughts.

N.B. We do not endorse any of the views expressed on this website as this is only a space to host debate in a non-partisan, neutral capacity. That said, we will not tolerate hate speech or threatening language and any comments on articles that engage in such behaviour will be removed immediately. Free speech works best when people are rational, tolerant of other views, and refrain from personal attacks, and as such we aim to enshrine these values on King’s Debates as much as in our live events.